Do you want to Change the Story?

Introduction to Our Watch’s Change the Story Framework and the system that addresses Family Violence in Victoria, and Australia. 

Our Watch (the national Foundation to prevention violence against women and their children) has been at the forefront of both Australian and International efforts to identify, communicate and address the drivers of violence against women and their children. 

What the training aims to do? 

  • The one day program is based upon Change the story, Australia’s national framework to prevent violence against women and their children and covers: 
  • The prevalence and impacts of violence against women  
  • The link between gender inequality and violence against women 
  • What primary prevention of violence against women is  
  • The evidence on what drives violence against women 
  • The actions required to prevent violence against women and the role that everyone can play in prevention  
  • Applying an intersectional approach to primary prevention work 
  • Good-practice examples of primary prevention activities  
  • Introduction to the policy framework and architecture that addresses and prevents family violence in Victoria and across Australia 

Who should attend 

This one day program is for anyone wanting to lead change in the community, government and business sectors; cultural, faith, sports, education and arts organisations; and beyond! 

Please note: this training is not about how staff can respond to women who experience violence or men who perpetrate violence. Every workplace should also provide basic training to ensure staff can respond to colleagues who are experiencing gendered violence and sexual harassment. 

Please contact the WHISE Health Promotion Team to have a conversation about where this can provide support to your organisation and community today.