Exploring Gender and Gender Equity

Whether it is in the workplace, the sporting field, the local community group or the local hospital, gender and gender equity impacts all our lives. Being aware of gender, and how we can all make a difference to creating more equitable society is the key focus of this introductory session. Over 3 hours we will explore, gender, gender inequality, what bias is and how to overcome barriers and resistance to achieving equality.  

What the training aims to do? 

  • Increase understanding of the social construction of gender, focusing on the impact of masculine and feminine ideology on individuals’ everyday lives  
  • Increase understanding of the difference between gender equity and gender equality  
  • Increase individuals’ understanding of how gender inequities persist within Australia  
  • The link between gender inequality and gender-based violence  
  • Provide knowledge and understanding of how gender inequality leads to gender-based violence  
  • Increase understanding of the difference between the key drivers and contributing factors of gender-based violence  
  • Explore myths and facts of gender-based violence  
  • Provide knowledge regarding gender-based violence statistics, on a national and local level 

Who should attend 

WHISE delivers this session to a broad audience and can be delivered to those just starting out to understand the impact of gender and gender equality in our world, or those in senior positions in the workplace and community who are keen to get a more in depth understand, 

This session can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your community  and/or organisation. Please contact the WHISE Health Promotion Team to have a conversation about where this can provide support to your organisation and community today.