PVT Regional Strategy

Preventing Violence Together – A Strategy for the Southern Metropolitan Region is a region-wide strategy for the Prevention of Violence Against Women.

This strategy is the result of a consultative process with 28 organisations in the Southern Metropolitan Region (SMR), including Community and Women’s Health Services, Local Government Areas, Primary Care Partnerships, and key health organisations.

The strategy is headed by a Steering Committee, comprised of senior representatives of many of the involved organisations, and Community of Practice, comprised of practitioners in the region.

By working together, organisations in the SMR will benefit from increased coordination and collaboration, capacity building, and be able to coordinate advocacy efforts that harness the collective influence and expertise of all.

PVT Strategy Evaluation

As the first regional strategy has drawn to a close, a robust and rapid evaluation is underway in consultation with regional partners and stakeholders to inform  development of the next iteration of the regional strategy for the prevention of violence against women.

Prior to commencement of the evaluation process in June 2021 WHISE released a Background Paper overviewing the many changes to legislation, strategies and policies within the sector and along with key emerging areas over the last four years.

A comprehensive evaluation report is currently being prepared for release, in the interim WHISE has published a PVT Evaluation Executive Summary outlining the key evaluation findings and considerations.

Actions Plans

Download the current action plan for the Preventing Violence Together Strategy.


    Communities of Practice

    As a Health Promotion and Primary Prevention Agency, running and supporting Communities of Practice (CoP) is a key way that we build partnerships, share knowledge and emerging practice, and build the capacity and capability of our regional workforce.

    WHISE runs two CoPs as part of our work to prevent of violence against women.


    Intersectionality and Diverse Communities

    The purpose of the Intersectionality and Diverse Communities (I&DC) CoP, is to consolidate understanding of the impact of intersecting forms of discrimination and disadvantage and move towards sharing best-practise for the advancement of gender equality and prevention of violence against women in our region.

    For all evaluation snapshots, webinars and resources related to this community of practice, head to the resources page.


    Engaging Men and Boys in Gender Equality

    This CoP looks at men's roles in building gender equality. In particular it looks to coordinate and align regional efforts to challenge gender stereotypes, norms, attitudes and behaviours that underlie and perpetuate inequality.

    One of the primary objectives of the CoP this year (June 2020 - June 2021), is the sharing of programs in our region, which are designed to shape healthy gender norms and attitudes for Australian men and boys.

    For all evaluation snapshots, webinars and resources related to this community of practice, head to the resources page.

    Violence Against Women Regional Data - Southern Metropolitan Region

    Research has established that the root cause of violence against women is largely as a result of gender inequality, and the factors that continue to disadvantage women. Factors such as cultural norms, social expectations and the many inequitable economic policies that disadvantage women as well as attitudes towards women.

    WHISE has compiled a number of regional data snapshots that not only highlight family violence rates and sexual offences incidents within each local government area but also reveal what gender inequality looks like by presenting information about caring responsibilities and income levels for men and women.

    For the regional data snapshots, head to our resources page.


    • Alfred Health & Caulfield Community Health Service
    • Bayside City Council
    • Cardinia Shire
    • Central Bayside Community Health Services
    • Chisholm Institute of TAFE
    • City of Casey
    • City of Greater Dandenong
    • City of Port Phillip
    • Connect Health & Community
    • Department of Education and Training
    • Department of Health and Human Services
    • Emerge
    • Enliven (PCP)
    • Family Life
    • Glen Eira Council
    • InTouch
    • Jewish Care
    • Kingston City Council
    • Monash Health
    • Mornington Peninsula Shire
    • Peninsula Health
    • PHCN
    • Southern Migrant Resource Centre
    • Star Health
    • Stonnington City Council
    • Uniting (Bayside Peninsula Integrated Family Violence
    • Partnership)
    • Victoria Police- Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Team
    • WAYSS Ltd
    • Wellsprings for Women

    Primary Prevention Activities

    In the Southern Metropolitan Region

    In 2019, the Preventing Violence Together (PVT) partners expressed the need for clear visibility of regional primary prevention activities in the Southern Metropolitan Region (SMR).

    WHISE has created a digital mapping tool to capture primary prevention activities in our region.

    To assist you to navigate the map, the stars indicate the PVT partners and the pins indicate projects undertaken.

    Primary Prevention Activities in the SMR

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