State-wide partnership

Action for Gender Equality Partnership


WHISE is a proud member of the Action for Gender Equity Partnership. The Partnership is a network of gender equity experts providing services in Gender Equity to the public, not-for-profit and private sectors across Victoria.

Through the Partnership, WHISE is a part of the Panel of Providers for the Commissioner for Gender Equality in the Public Sector and approved to deliver:

  • Gender Impact Assessments  - providing services and support to public entities to guide them through the impact assessment process
  • Developing and implementing strategies to improve gender equality – to provide best practice advice and guidance on developing and implementing plans to improve workplace gender equality

The Partnership also deliver a range of services to all organisations and workplace, depending upon your needs and, where you are on your Gender Equality Journey.

A full outline of our services can be found by downloading the information brochure.

The Gender Equality Journey

The Gender Equality Journey is a tool developed by the partnership which seeks to support conversations with community, partners, and organisations about implementing the Gender Equality Act and, gender equality change work.

Download a copy of the Gender Equality Journey.


Where we work

The Partnership is state-wide and the only provider of gender equity change that is place-based and regionalised.

Members of the Partnership deliver local and state-wide action for gender equality tailored to all metropolitan and regional settings.

We reach all private, public and community sector entities wherever they are placed. An office in Geelong receives the same training, communication and change as an office in North Melbourne or an office in East Gippsland.


For further information on the Action for Gender Equality Partnership, WHISE and our work on  gender equity and gender equality please contact the team at WHISE.

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