Gender Equity Victoria Partnership Announcement


WHISE a part of the Panel of Providers for the Commission on Gender Equality in the Public Services 

Women’s Health in the South East (WHISE) is delighted to be a key partner in the Action for Gender Equality Partnership (Gender Equity Victoria Partnership), which is one of the Panel of Providers announced by the Commission for Gender Equality in the Public Sector.

In March of this year, the Gender Equality Act will take affect and will impact the operations of around 300 public sector organisations across Victoria. The Panel of Providers has been established by the Commission to ensure advisory services of experienced panelists are readily available and accessible to groups of entities subject to the Act, if needed. The Panel will support the implementation of the Act, educational activities delivered by the Commissioner and a range of services on gender equality.

The Partnership is made up of 14 organisations each with highly qualified staff in every region across Victoria. The Partnership has diversity of expertise bringing together specialist skills in gender equity and equality, transformation change and implementation across organisations and community. The Partnership comprises a deep knowledge base, has 40 years of combined expertise, resource and resource development skills to build practical tools and guidance, strong policy analysis skills and a collaborative approach to engagement built on strong facilitation, coaching mentoring and capacity building skills.

The Partnership provides state-wide coverage as well as the capacity to undertake deep, local regionally-based work. 

WHISE is looking forward to building upon the strengths and capacity in our region, and supporting our partners and community to realise the benefits to all of gender equality – both through the implementation of the Act, and in the broader engagement with our colleagues and stakeholders. 

Please refer to the Partnership’s Statement of Services for further information.

Please feel free to contact Lucie Magill our Gender Equity Officer at WHISE ( if you wish to discuss this further.

Thank you for your ongoing support of WHISE, we look forward to bringing you updates on the implementation of the Gender Equality Act, the work of the Commission and the Panel of Providers.