Redevelopment and Review of WHISE Strategic Plan


The Board of WHISE has approved a review and redevelopment of the organisation’s Strategic Plan. This will see the current plan replaced by a new plan that will commence in 2019.

Due to be launched in October this year at WHISE’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), the plan will put forward a new ambitious vision for WHISE, articulate our mission and value, identify our contribution and impact and put forward a set of priority areas which will set the foundations of WHISE over the next five years.

“The Board of WHISE is energised by both the process of developing the new plan, and, anticipating the final outcome. For WHISE, the Strategic Plan really binds together in a congruent way, how the different parts of a Women’s Health Service come together to deliver for the community and stakeholders.” said Joy Walker, Chair of the Board.

The Process

The review of the Strategic Plan is being overseen by a sub-committee of the Board and is being assisted by Cath Smith from ChangeSmith Consulting.

The methodology comprises:

External Stakeholder Research Desktop Research WHISE 'Internal' Consultation
Targeted face to face interviews with up to 50 stakeholders   Broad base stakeholders survey distributed to all contacts/stakeholders of WHISE Research and understand the current social, economic, political and environmental context of our work and purpose Board Workshop 
Key Questions:
Insight into strategic risks and value of WHISE
Key questions: Discover our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Review of current and emerging government policy Staff consultation 
Key state and regional policies and plans Combined Director and Staff ½ day off-site planning workshop in August
Combined information to underpin final plan











Broad timeline

Stage Milestone Indicative Date
1. Stakeholder and Community Engagement/Research Methodology approved April
2. Desktop Research Completed April
3. Survey Distributed May
4. Stakeholders Interviewed May-July
5. Staff and Board Planning Workshop August
6. Final Strategy Approved by Board September 
7. Launch of Strategic Plan (Fully Published) at AGM 25 October 2018

“It is so important that we listen and learn from our community and stakeholders so that the final outcome of this process is strong, relevant and lays a good foundation for our future”.“Very soon, WHISE will be reaching out to our key stakeholders both to provide input via a short survey or, by requesting the opportunity to have a conversation about our future priorities.” said the CEO of WHISE, Ms Kit McMahon.

If you are interested in receiving further information on the Strategic Plan please feel free to get in touch with our CEO Kit McMahon via the WHISE Social Media (Facebook and Twitter), or via email to

Further information on the discovery phase and the broader process can be found in here: WHISE Strategic Plan 2018 Information Brief [460KB]