WHISE congratulates Mornington Peninsula Shire’s announcement of its new Gender Equality Strategy

Women’s Health in the South East (WHISE) congratulates Mornington Peninsula Shire on the adoption of its new Gender Equality Strategy, which was announced the same day Australia’s first Gender Equality Bill was introduced to the Victorian Parliament.

“As a Women’s Health Service dedicated to ensuring all women in the Southern Metropolitan Region are safe, healthy and thriving, WHISE applauds the Shire’s commitment to preventing violence against women and supporting respectful relationships by introducing this important strategy,” says Ms Kit McMahon, WHISE CEO.

“As partners to the Preventing Violence Together Strategy, we work closely with the Shire to promote gender equality in the community. We see the Strategy as a crucial step in addressing the root causes of violence against women – gender inequality.”

The announcement of the Strategy also comes during 16 Days of Activism, a global campaign that raises awareness for gender-based violence. The Strategy aims to improve gender equality and reduce violence against women and their children – both within the Shire’s workforce and the community.

“The Royal Commission into Family Violence states family violence is a gendered crime. This means ending violence against women requires addressing gender inequality in all its forms – in the workplace, school yards, on television screens and on sporting fields,” says Mornington Peninsula Shire Councillor Mayor Sam Hearn.

“Congratulations to all involved at Mornington Peninsula Shire Council for the adoption of the Gender Equality Strategy” says Ms McMahon.

“Leadership and commitment such as that demonstrated by the Shire is vital to address inequality and create systemic change and we look forward to supporting the Shire and the community's onward path to equality.”

Women’s Health in the South East is one of 12 Women’s Health Services in Victoria who have 30 years of experience of working in the diverse South East Metropolitan region of Melbourne to provide services support to all women and prevent violence against women, increase gender equality and improve sexual and reproductive health outcomes for Women.