Women's Health in the South East 2020-2023 Election Notice

An election is required under the Women’s Health In The South East, Constitution (October 2019), to fill  7 vacancies on the Board for the Women's Health In The South East Incorporated.

If you wish to nominate and require assistance to complete the nomination form please contact the Returning Officer or the Assistant Returning Officer via WHISE on 9794 8677.

Gender Equity Victoria and members of its Women's Health Services Council, are pleased that the Government has clarified that there is no limit on the attendance of partners at maternity hospitals following the birth of children as a strategy to limit hospital infections during pandemic.

A landmark partnership between Women’s Health and TAFE

Women’s Health in the South East (WHISE) and Chisholm TAFE will team up to advance gender equity across the Southern Metropolitan Region of Melbourne as part of their formal partnership, announced today.

Women’s and community organisations unite on COVID-19 and gender


On 2 April 2020, over 60 organisations – including Women’s Health in the South East – came together to support a statement on Gender, Equality and COVID-19.

The statement recognises the huge impact of COVID-19 pandemic and the exceptionally difficult circumstances that the community find themselves in.

Aboriginal Self-determination: A safer future

In February, on behalf of the PVT Partnership, WHISE launched the first Communities of Practice (CoP) on intersectionality and diverse communities. 

The aim of our launch event was to support the prevention of violence against our First Nations women and children. We were honoured to have key matter experts present to us from Our Watch, Family Safety Victoria and Department of Health and Human Services.