Capability Development and Training Service

To improve the lives, health and wellbeing of women in the south east metropolitan region WHISE develops the capacity and capability of our partners, stakeholders and clients. We do this through a range of ways – not just training. We promote women’s health, prevent violence against women, and increase gender equity in our community by:

Workforce Training Organisation Development Developing Leaders

Creating sustainable partnerships

Collective Impact

Structured formal learning programs

Customised for the needs of partners and clients on a range of areas including:

  • Active Bystander
  • Respectful Relationships
  • White Ribbon Refresher
  • Gender Equity (introduction and advanced)
  • Understanding Family Violence and Violence against women
  • Train the trainer

Workplace Equity and Respect Standards Training and Capacity Building

Supporting organisations to embrace and create sustainable change in gender equity

Guiding and supporting a cultural change of partners and clients

Working with workplaces to establish change plans and programs to lift performance in gender equity

Lead and support Gender Equity Audits and Assessment of workplaces

Support implementation of Our Watch, Workplace Equity and Respect Standards

Supporting leaders to lead gender equity change in organisations and community

Building community leadership to prevent violence against women

Supporting leaders in diverse and multicultural communities to support changing community attitudes to women's health, gender equity and prevent violence against women

Manage and support regional partnership structures that  create better health outcomes across the region

Drive collaboration to support greater organisational investment in women's health and gender equity

Create partnerships to improve equitable behaviours, practices and create structural and systems change to improve equity, equality and women's health in the community

Acting in the capacity as a backbone support WHISE seeks to harness cross-sector leadership for common goals and action. We support:

Creating an aligned vision across multiple stakeholders
Co-design of shared measurement and outcomes for change
Collaborating and coordinating a range of activities that reinforce outcomes
Ensuring continuous communication 


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