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WHISE Annual Report 2016-2017 [PDF: 3.7MB]

WHISE Annual Report 2015-16 [PDF: 2.8MB]

Social Impact Report

Our Social impact reports describe how WHISE is delivering outcomes and impact to all women in the Southern Metropolitan Region. The report describes effort against our WHISE Social impact framework and, is released every year with our Annual Report.

WHISE Social Impact Report 2018-2019 [PDF: 902KB]

Integrated Health Promotion Plan

WHISE Integrated Health Promotion Plan 2017-2021 [PDF: 1.38MB]

Preventing Violence Together

Preventing Violence Together: A strategy for the Southern Metropolitan Region [PDF: 162KB]

Preventing Violence Together Annual Report 2017 [PDF: 1MB]

Sexual & Reproductive Health

African Diaspora Women's Voices in the South East Consultation Report [PDF: 1.3MB]

African Diaspora Women's Voices in the South East Snapshot [PDF: 276KB]


WHISE Words November 2018

Back Issues:

WHISE Words March 2017 [PDF: 844KB]

WHISE Words December 2016 [PDF: 1.14 MB]

WHISE Words May 2016 [PDF: 5.66MB]

WHISE Words December 2015 [PDF: 3.27MB]

WHISE Words September 2015 [PDF: 2.59MB]

WHISE words June 2015 [PDF: 3.24MB]

WHISE words March 2015 [PDF: 5.08MB]

WHISE words December 2014 [PDF: 5.05MB]

WHISE Words June 2014 [PDF: 3.13MB]

WHISE Words March 2014 (PDF: 1.6 MB)


Policy Documents

National Women's Health Policy [PDF: 11.32MB] - Department of Health and Ageing

The New National Agenda [PDF: 838KB] - Australian Women's Health Network

Australian Women Working Together (Guide to Women's Organisations) [PDF: 183KB] - Commonwealth Office of the Status of Women

National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and and their Children [PDF: 722KB] - An initiative of the Coulcil of Australian Governments

Victorian Honour Roll of Women 2001-2011 [PDF: 192KB] - Department of Planning and Community Development

Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities [PDF: 1.13MB] - Victorian Government Initiative

Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities (Questions & Answers) [PDF: 75KB] - Victorian Government Initiative

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights