Positive Family and Partner Relations

We all have relationships, whether it be with our colleagues, teachers, coaches or more commonly our friends and family.

There are elements which go into making these relationships healthy: respect, trust, understanding, honesty, compromise, communication and care, among many others. When these elements are missing from a relationship they are often replaced by things such as mistrust, dishonesty, jealousy and violence- all of which can be harmful to a relationship and those who are in it.


Solving Problems Together [PDF: 528KB]

A simple English resource on how to maintain positive family relationships at times of stress.


A telephone counselling and support service for parents who care for children.

13 22 89

Relationships Australia

Relationships Australia provides support to individuals, families and communities to achieve positive and respectful relationships. This is done through counselling, family dispute resolution and education programs.

1300 364 277


WAYSS provides support to women and children escaping situations of domestic violence.

(03) 9791 6111

Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria (DVRCV)

DVRCV provides support and information to people who have experienced family violence.

(03) 9486 9866

Family Relationship Advice Line

A telephone advice line to support families affected by relationship or separation issues.

1800 050 321

Multicultural Centre against Family Violence

InTouch, the Multicultural Centre against Family Violence, is a statewide service, which provides services, programs and responses to issues of family violence in (CALD) communities.