Preventing Violence Together Strategy

‘Preventing Violence Together – A Strategy for the Southern Metropolitan Region’ was launched in April 2016, and is a region-wide strategy for the Prevention of Violence Against Women and their Children (PVAW&C).

This Strategy is the result of a consultative process with 28 organisations in the Southern Metropolitan Region, including Community and Women’s Health Services, Local Government Areas, Primary Care Partnerships, and key health organisations. The role and purpose of the Strategy is to explain the causes of violence against women and make a case for collective action in the region.

The Strategy will be brought to life by a Steering Committee, comprised of senior representatives of many of the involved organisations, and Community of Practice, comprised of practitioners in the region with a remit for the PVAW&C .

The Strategy has been designed to align with the Our Watch ‘Change the Story’ framework to ensure our Regional Strategy reflects a coordinated and integrated approach with the National Framework to prevent violence against women and their children.

Together we will coordinate combined and consistent activity across the SMR in preventing violence against women and their children. This will promote mutually reinforcing messaging and practice, as well as ensure reach across systems and sectors, rather than being limited to single communities, organisations or contexts. By working together, organisations in the SMR will benefit from increased coordination and collaboration, capacity building, and be able to co-ordinate advocacy efforts that harness the collective influence and expertise of all.


Violence Against Women Snapshots - Southern Metropolitan Region

Violence against women is an urgent public health issue in Australia.  It impacts victims on numerous levels: personally, socially and economically as well affecting the community at large. 

Research has established that the root cause of violence against women is largely as a result of gender inequality, and the factors that continue to disadvantage women.   Factors such as cultural norms, social expectations and the many inequitable economic policies that disadvantage women as well as attitudes towards women.  These snapshots, therefore, not only highlight family violence rates or sexual offences incidents within each LGA but also reveal what gender inequality looks like by presenting information about caring responsibilities and income levels for men and women. 

Violence Against Women Southern Metropolitan Region Snapshot [PDF: 680KB]

Bayside Snapshot [PDF: 223KB]

Cardinia Snapshot [PDF: 1.2MB]

Casey Snapshot [PDF: 533KB]

Frankston Snapshot [PDF: 572KB]

Glen Eira Snapshot [PDF: 494KB]

Greater Dandenong Snapshot [PDF: 849KB]

Kingston Snapshot [PDF: 357KB]

Mornington Peninsula Snapshot [PDF: 746KB]

Port Phillip Snapshot [PDF: 1.9MB]

Stonnington Snapshot [PDF: 429KB]


Enliven: You Are Not Alone - Family Violence Booklet [PDF: 551KB]