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WHISE Annual Report 2016-2017 [PDF: 3.7MB]

WHISE Annual Report 2015-16 [PDF: 2.8MB]

Integrated Health Promotion Plan

WHISE Integrated Health Promotion Plan 2017-2021 [PDF: 1.38MB]

Preventing Violence Together

Preventing Violence Together: A strategy for the Southern Metropolitan Region [PDF: 162KB]

Preventing Violence Together Annual Report 2017 [PDF: 1MB]


WHISE Words November 2018

Back Issues:

WHISE Words March 2017 [PDF: 844KB]

WHISE Words December 2016 [PDF: 1.14 MB]

WHISE Words May 2016 [PDF: 5.66MB]

WHISE Words December 2015 [PDF: 3.27MB]

WHISE Words September 2015 [PDF: 2.59MB]

WHISE words June 2015 [PDF: 3.24MB]

WHISE words March 2015 [PDF: 5.08MB]

WHISE words December 2014 [PDF: 5.05MB]

WHISE Words June 2014 [PDF: 3.13MB]

WHISE Words March 2014 (PDF: 1.6 MB)


Policy Documents

National Women's Health Policy [PDF: 11.32MB] - Department of Health and Ageing

The New National Agenda [PDF: 838KB] - Australian Women's Health Network

Australian Women Working Together (Guide to Women's Organisations) [PDF: 183KB] - Commonwealth Office of the Status of Women

National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and and their Children [PDF: 722KB] - An initiative of the Coulcil of Australian Governments

Victorian Honour Roll of Women 2001-2011 [PDF: 192KB] - Department of Planning and Community Development

Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities [PDF: 1.13MB] - Victorian Government Initiative

Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities (Questions & Answers) [PDF: 75KB] - Victorian Government Initiative

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights