Respectful Relationships

WHISE provides support to schools and education settings who are working through to implement, coordinate, rollout and sustain the Victorian Respectful Relationships strategy. Our approach is based on providing contribution across the whole strategy – from building capacity of teachers in specific areas of content, delivering information sessions to students, supporting school leaders to understand the change journey associated with gender equity, and working with community. 

What the training aims to do? 

Our programs for schools and education settings are all customized to meet the needs of specific settings and sites. Typically our process includes: 

  • Interviews with key school leadership 
  • Liaison with school authorities (Department of Education and Training offices) on priorities and work being undertaken in the area to leverage outcomes and create buy in  
  • Briefing of teaching leaders on Respectful Relationships and the evidence behind the strategy 
  • Train the trainer type approaches to build the capability of schools 
  • If required delivery of modules and content from the program to students 
  • Recommendations and advice on evaluation    

Who should attend? 

WHISE develops these programs and strategies for schools and education providers based on the goals the school wants to achieve, and, available budget. 

Please contact the WHISE Health Promotion Team to have a conversation about where this can provide support to your organisation and community today.