Understanding family violence and violence against women

Family violence is complex, it is troubling and most of all, it impacts all levels of our society and community. This three-hour session is designed to sensitively and appropriately inform members of our community about family violence, its prevalence and what drives family violence and violence against women in our community. 

The program can be tailored for specific settings – workplace, community, health service, education setting – and is delivered with the safety of the participants in mind. 

What the training aims to do? 

  • Introduce participants to the types of family violence and violence against women 
  • Inform participants about the prevalence of violence and the forums it takes in our community 
  • Introduce Our Watch’s Change the Story framework, the drivers of family violence and contributors 
  • Build understanding and awareness of what action can be taken to prevent family violence 
  • Broadly introduce concepts of intersectionality and how this impacts family violence 
  • Build skills on what to do if a victim and or perpetrator of family violence discloses to you 

Who should attend? 

This session is directed to those members of the community, and those staff at workplaces that are just becoming aware of family violence 

This session can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your community and/or organisation. Please contact the WHISE Health Promotion Team to have a conversation about where this can provide support to your organisation and community today.