On Tuesday 26 May, WHISE, on behalf of the Preventing Violence Together partnership, was proud to present a webinar called Intersectionality and Diverse Communities: From Theory to Practice.

Intersectionality is a prism for seeing the way in which various forms of inequality often operate together and exacerbate each other. 

A huge commitment to the importance of embedding this approach in PVAW practice in the region was observed, with over 55 people attending the webinar, actively engaging and asking questions. 

Suzette Michell from Respect Victoria was able to share her passion and international background in this work, taking participants through the history of intersectionality and how it has evolved to the current context in Victoria. This was followed by a presentation from Family Safety Victoria, on what the Victorian government is doing to embed intersectionality into our prevention and response work, at the systems level. 

Karene Fairbairn and Mary Lee from Family Safety Victoria ran through the Intersectionality Capacity Building Framework, which will include practical tools for practitioners (currently in development). Practitioners were invited to contact Karene or Mary directly, to be actively involved in the testing of this resources. You can find Karene and Mary’s contact details at the end of their slides, in the resource section below. 

A key learning of this webinar was the importance of examining one’s own thoughts, bias, privilege, background or assumptions. The next steps will involve working on how to communicate the importance of this work to others. 

Watch the full webinar

Download the Webinar Evaluation Snapshot [PDF: 305KB]


Respect Victoria Presentation [PDF: 1MB]

Family Safety Victoria Presentation [PDF: 385KB]

Everybody Matters – Inclusion and Equity Statement

What is Intersectionality?