Our Integrated Health Promotion Plan

What is an Integrated
Health Promotion Plan?

Integrated Health Promotion Plans (or IHP’s for short) are documents that are used across Victoria in our State’s Health policy and infrastructure to help organize effort to promote health and wellbeing. They describe how a service (like WHISE) will deliver benefits and activities to the community and promote positive wellbeing.

WHISE Current IHP Plan

The current WHISE IHP Plan runs from 2017 to 2021 and can be downloaded.

The plan is part of our contract with the Department of Health and Human Services and every year WHISE reports against its activity and delivery against the plan, to the Victorian State Government.

The WHISE IHP defines activities under three priority areas which are:

  • Gender Equity
  • Prevention of Violence against Women
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health

The IHP sets out the settings (places, areas of work) that WHISE delivers our services and the social determinants of health that we address through our work, including techniques used and evaluation cycles.

Year 4 IHP Report

Final report on Integrated Health Promotion Plan 2017-2021 has been submitted to highlight what WHISE has delivered over the four year period.