This 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, Women’s Health in the South East (WHISE) is talking to children about respect and gender equality. 

Teaching kids about respect and gender equality is essential for their personal and social development. It equips them with crucial life skills, fosters positive relationships, and contributes to a more compassionate society. 

WHISE has collaborated with local designer, Nea Valdivia, to develop a children’s activity toolkit. The illustrations promote inclusivity, diversity, respect and working together.  

The #16DAYS4KIDS toolkit includes colouring in sheets and supporting resources to spark conversations with children about the kind of community they want to be part of and offers opportunities for creativity and exploration of themes around respect. Educators, teachers, librarians, parents and the wider community are all getting involved! 

During a recent visit to St Kilda & Balaclava Kindergarten, we talked about how we can be the same but different.  

As kindergarten teacher Steph asked the four-year-old group, “Do we all like doing the same sports?” there was a resounding “No” around the room. As discussion continued, there was strong understanding and agreement that “it is OK that we all like different things”. 

16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence is a global campaign that runs annually from 25 November to 10 December. It is dedicated to raising awareness about the impact of violence, particularly on women. 

Kit McMahon, CEO WHISE says, “Gender-based violence is a deeply rooted in gender inequality and sexism, as well as forms of oppression (racism, ableism, homo-trans and bi phobia). Awareness raising is the first step in the overall task of addressing violence against women and girls. Gendered violence is totally preventable. Australia and the world have a choice. A world without gendered violence is possible and this movement is about joint action to make this vision a reality.” 

WHISE staff will be visiting kindergartens in the region across the 16 Days of Activism campaign period. 

Photo of children colouring in