How We Improve Women’s Health

Women’s Health in the South East (WHISE) is a proudly feminist not-for-profit womens health promotion agency. We are committed to the creation of an inclusive, safe, healthy and thriving community in our region.

We are leaders in:

  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Prevention of violence against women
  • Gender and mental wellbeing
  • Gender Equity

The majority of our health promotion work sits in primary prevention. Our work is about translating knowledgebase into action for positive social change.

We promote equality and advocate for attitudinal, societal and system change that address structural disadvantage.

We build capacity in the health promotion sector to apply an intersectional gendered lens to all health promotion work.


Collaboration is key

WHISE works directly with local state government, local government, community organisations, education providers, and community groups to strengthen and align collective work for positive social change. Gender equality underpins all of this work.

Workforce Development

To ensure that all women in our region are safe, healthy and thriving, WHISE provides a range of support to our partners to develop our workforce, its capacity and capability around our priority areas.