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Promoting Respect & Equity Together 2021-2025 – A Strategy to End Gendered Violence in the Southern Metropolitan Region

Promoting Respect & Equity Together – A Strategy to End Gendered Violence in the Southern Metropolitan Region 2021-2025 (PRET) is the second regional strategy for the primary prevention of gendered violence. It was developed in partnership with over 38 organisation’s across the Southern...

Impacts of COVID 19 on women’s mental health and recommendations for action – UPDATE October 2020

An update from the Women’s Mental Health Alliance on the impacts of COVID19 on women’s mental health, incorporating data gathered since the publication of their first policy brief in June 2020.

AWHN The National Agenda 2008

The Australian Women's Health Network's position paper, The National Agenda 2008, is a contribution to the development of the National Women's Health Policy 2010.

10 point plan for Victorian Women’s Health 2010-2014

Developed by Victorian Women's Health Services, the 10 point plan 2010-14 reiterates the call for a whole of government strategy and action plan for improving women's health.

Priorities for Women’s Health Services 2021-2024

Submission to Victorian Government, prepared by the Women's Health Services Council, GenVic, that outlines the current health promotion and prevention needs of Victorian women and recommendations for future work and investment