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Case Study: Workplace Menopause Policies

A WHISE Case Study WHISE has developed a case study outlining the development and implementation of menopause policies in two workplaces.  The aim of the case study is to promote uptake of menopause workplace policies. The case study...

Better Together – WHISE Conference Evaluation Report

The inaugural Better Together Conference was hosted by Women’s Health in the South East on Tuesday, 22 August, 2023. The conference brought together over 180 people from local councils, state government, peak organisations, tourism agencies,...

Priorities for the Victorian State Budget

The Victorian Women's Health Services Network has issued a statement outlining the priorities for the upcoming 2023 State Budget. We welcome the government's commitment to giving women's health a greater focus and funding, and look...

Submission to the Senate Inquiry into Universal Access to Reproductive Healthcare

WHISE’s submission will apply an intersectional gender lens to the Terms of Reference supplied by the Senate Community Affairs References Committee, outlining identified areas for strengthening in the provision of health services, education, information and...

Reproductive Coercion Webinar – Evaluation Report

An evaluation report of WHISE's lunchtime webinar on reproductive coercion, which was run as part of our efforts to improve sexual and reproductive health and prevent violence against women. The webinar examined definitions of reproductive...

Good Health Down South 2021-2025: A strategy for sexual and reproductive health in the SMR

Good Health Down South is a four-year region-wide strategy that promotes, celebrates and guides future directions that continuously improve sexual and reproductive health outcomes throughout the Southern Metropolitan Region.

Menopause Webinar Evaluation Snapshot

WHISE, in collaboration with the other Victorian Women's Health Services, the Epworth Hospital, the Victorian Women's Trust and the Women's Spirit Project, hosted a free public webinar to raise awareness about the impact of perimenopause...

Analysis of the 2022-23 Victorian State Budget – What Does this Mean For Women in the South East?

There is much to celebrate in this budget from the Victorian Government. Additional funding has been provided to the Women’s Health Services for the next two years and this is in partnership with additional measures...

Case Study: Establishing a Medical Abortion Clinic at Peninsula Health

WHISE is pleased to present a case study highlighting the process of implementing medical abortion service provision through Peninsula Health's Sexual and Reproductive Health Hub. The case study celebrates the implementation of this vital service,...