Evaluation Report & Snapshot

In December 2023, WHISE delivered a webinar about the gender pay gap to employers and stakeholders in the Southern Metropolitan Region. The webinar was designed to increase understanding of the gender pay gap. It supported attendees to take action to close their own workplace’s pay gap.

We have evaluated if people learned more about the gender pay gap and feel more confident to close the pay gap in their workplace. Attendees also shared key learnings and whether they required further support to assist them in applying their learnings from the webinar.

Key Takeaways

  1. Overall increases in understanding and confidence to take action were noticed across all measures.
  2. Attendees demonstrated greater awareness of how to take action to reduce their workplace’s gender pay gap. Prior to 2021 when the first workplace gender audits were conducted, organisations were typically not thinking about their gender pay gap, and few were concerned about increasing their internal gender equality. The changes in confidence that have been demonstrated in this survey are a fantastic start.
  3. Following the webinar, people were more aware of the factors that influence the gender pay gap. This will support them to take action to reduce their workplace’s gender pay gap as they will know what issues to target.
  4. The presentations by Bayside City Council and Frankston City Counsel were very popular among the attendees. Hearing practical examples of what they did, and their learnings, were helpful for others.