As the Promoting Respect and Equity Together (PRET) Partnership enters its third year, a new action plan has been developed. The action plans provides objectives for the final two years of the partnership.

The objectives include:

OBJECTIVE 1: Work collectively to increase the variety of sectors and settings that engage with the strategy implementation to prevent violence
against women in the region.

OBJECTIVE 2: To foster organisational cultures that embed the principles of PVAW/GE throughout the organisation.

OBJECTIVE 3: To strengthen workforce capacity in PVAW/GE

OBJECTIVE 4: To identify, and disseminate emerging evidence-based research, for the translation into effective practice for PVAW/GE

OBJECTIVE 5: To maximise collaborative partnership opportunities between partner organisations in the SMR through working groups and learning forums.

The evaluation of the PRET Year 1 and 2 Action Plan is available here.

Read the full PRET Year 3 and 4 Action Plan in the resource below.