COVID-19 Social Media Toolkit

Social media is a great way to connect, advocate and spread the word. WHISE has compiled a social media toolkit for organisations looking to spread the message about the gendered impact of COVID-19.

The toolkit includes downloadable images, captions and links to relevant resources and website that can be shared across multiple platforms. The captions can be used for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and shortened for Twitter.

How can you get involved?

We encourage our partners to engage in the toolkit to increase the reach of these messages and promote alignment across partner organisations. We invite you to support our campaign by:

  • Sharing WHISE content on your social media platforms
  • Posting your own content, using the same hashtags
  • Tagging @whisewomen (Twitter) and @whisewomen (Facebook) in your posts
  • Using the captions below for Facebook, which can also be adapted for Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram
  • Liking, tagging and commenting on WHISE’s posts

If you would like to co-brand the tiles/images that are in the campaign, please feel free to contact the WHISE team. Our recommendation is that our partners use black/white transparent variants of their logo on the tiles. Remember, if you are using these materials on your socials and in your communications, please tag @whisewomen (Twitter) and @whisewomen (Facebook) in your posts.


    Prevention of Violence Against Women

    Download Statewide 
    Download Bayside Peninsula
    Download Southern Melbourne

    Caption: #YouAreNotAlone there is help available. If you feel frightened or are concerned about your own or someone’s safety and wellbeing, or if you need to reach a place of safety, call safe steps 1800 015 188 for advice, help and support. If you cannot safely call the 24/7 phone line, please email and a support worker will reply to you ASAP.

    Learn more at Safe Steps


    Download PVAW Reach Out
    Download PVAW Re-engage

    Caption: Family violence is never okay. Times of stress and hardship are never and excuse for violence. All people deserve to live free from fear. Home is not always safe—if only it could be. It is incredibly important that being physically distant, we nevertheless remain very connected, and we provide all opportunities for anyone in those circumstances to find a way to reach help.

    Learn more about what you can do to help

    #YouAreNotAlone #PhysicalDistancingIsNotSocialDistancing

    Download What Is Family Violence?

    Caption: Family violence is not limited to physical or sexual abuse, it includes emotional abuse and any threatening, coercive or controlling behaviour.

    Learn more


    Download Sexual Violence Is Never Ok

    Caption: Domestic & sexual violence is likely to increase during times of community distress. Domestic & sexual violence is never okay and should not be dismissed or excused.

    Learn more

    #SexualReproductiveHealth #YouAreNotAlone

    Sexual & Reproductive Health

    Download 1800 My Options


    In times, like these it can be hard to find the information you need to look after your sexual and reproductive health. If you need any information about contraception, pregnancy options or sexual health, call 1800 My Options on 1800 696 784 or visit 1800 My Options

    #COVID19Au #SexualReproductiveHealth #WomensHealth #SexualHealth #SRHRights

    Download SRH Access
    Download SRH and Pregnancy

    Caption: Sexual & reproductive health needs do not stop during a pandemic. Short and long-acting contraceptives, information, counselling and abortion services must remain available and accessible. Call 1800 My Options (1800 696 784) for further info and services available in your local area.

    Learn more

    #COVID19Au #SRHRights #SexualReproductiveHealth #SexualHealth

    Gender Equality

    Download GE Checklist

    Caption: Gender equality is more vital now than ever. Now is the time to be mindful of harmful gender stereotypes and work together to promote gender equality. We can all play our part to reshape society. This is what you can do to promote gender equality – how many can you tick off?

    Learn more

    #GE4COVID19 #GenerationEquality #COVID19Au #GenderEquality

    Download GE UN Quote

    Caption: Women need equal participation in pandemic and disaster planning, in response and recovery. Help us spread the message to put women & girls at the centre of efforts to recover from #COVID19

    Learn more

    #10ThingsGovernmentCanDoNow @Aust_Parliament @Vic_Parliament @VicGovAu @MarisePayne @GabbyWilliamsMP

    Download You Can Do It

    Caption: It’s on all of us to share the care at home and work. This is our opportunity to grow out of outdated gender roles. Imagine if post COVID-19, work flexibility was mainstreamed for men and women, across all types of jobs and at all levels, with wellbeing and productivity benefits for all.

    #GE4COVID19 #ShareTheCare

    Download Share The Care
    Download Women Do 3 Times As Much

    Caption: Women do 3 times as much unpaid care as men. COVID-19 is our opportunity to see care shared equally into the future. We are calling on everyone to envision the benefits for all, of a new balanced existence post COVID-19.

    #GE4COVID19 #ShareTheCare

    Mental Health & Wellbeing

    Download Mental Health During Isolation

    Caption: Traditionally, women are known for putting others first. But when it comes to your health it is important to prioritise your own needs and speak up when you need support. Evidence shows that women’s mental health is likely to be impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s important to take care of your mental health and wellbeing. If you or someone you know needs help contact:

    Beyond Blue, Lifeline, Headspace

    Learn more 

    Download Mental Health Balance

    Caption: There’s a lot to process when work and living conditions are changing on the daily. Disagreements are a normal part of all relationships, including those in your family. So what can you do to balance your mental health when everything around you is changing? Here are some tips to increase communication in the household during times of stress and uncertainty.

    Learn more


    WHISE's Social Media Schedule

    If you need a bit of inspiration, you might like to check out WHISE's social media calendar for May.

    Additional Resources

    In the unlikely event of online backlash or negative comments arising from the campaign, we recommend as a first step organisations review their policies for monitoring and managing online comments. For further information we recommend the following online resources: