Reflective Practice – Critical Feedback – Coaching – Friendships 

‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.’ Margaret Mead

  • Would you like time for reflection and learning about your gender equality practice?  
  • Do you need support to implement gender equality in your workplace? 
  • Would you like to talk honestly about the frustrations of gender equality work and celebrate the wins with like-minded gender practitioners?  
  • Do you like the idea of creating feminist friendships where you can bring your ‘whole self’ to the group and openly share, test ideas, reflect and learn from one another?  

If so, then this is the group for you. 

What is it? 

The Feminist Friendships Gender Equality Community of Practice (Feminist Friendship CoP) is a space for Gender Equality practitioners to come together to reflect, learn and support each other in their work. Focussing on topics such as the Gender Equality Act, managing resistance in the workplace, or negotiating self-care in the face of competing work/life priorities, the group will evolve according to the needs and interests of members.  

Facilitated by Krissy Nicholson, Manager Gender Equity and Capability, we aim to develop ‘feminist friendships’, build trust and create space for courageous conversations about the realities of GE work. 

The Feminist Friendship GE CoP will be: 

  • A non-judgemental space for you to network, share ideas and support each other. 
  • A space for reflective practice and continual learning where you can critically review gender equality initiatives.  
  • An opportunity to attend and contribute to professional development initiatives – this could include training, workshops, webinars depending on the need. 

Why is this Community of Practice different? 

Inspired by the concept of ‘feminist friendships’ as a methodology for practice, we will promote courage and vulnerability, critical reflection, learning, and developing friendships with like-minded practitioners. 

This Community of Practice will operate with a maximum of 15 people and small groups will be formed to promote stronger connections and learning. The group will consist of 3 different components:   

  • Community of Practice where all members will meet monthly to discuss tailored topics decided by the group 
  • Peer Reflection and Connection Triads  
  • Specialised individual coaching with a GE Coach 


The Feminist Friendship GE CoP is open to Gender Equality Practitioners working in the South East Metropolitan Region of Melbourne.   

Numbers will be capped, and we encourage diversity within the group and encourage people from all genders and backgrounds to apply.  

Using the idea of ‘feminist friendship’ as a cornerstone, this group will work with ‘the practices, at the pace, in the natural contexts, and with an ethic of friendship’ (Tillman-Healy, 2003), and as such requires a strong commitment from all members to show up, bringing your whole self to the group, and developing strong relationships.  

Meetings will be held monthly, from July 2023 – July 2024. 

Interested in becoming one of our Feminist Friends? 

Please send an expression of interest by Friday 30 June 2023 to Krissy Nicholson, Manager Gender Equity and Capability, and include ‘Feminist Friendships’ in the subject line.