Women’s Health in the South East welcomes the key measures of the 2022-23 Federal Budget delivered on Tuesday 25 October, in Canberra. 

“While our work is very much centered around the southern metropolitan region of Melbourne, major announcements such as those just delivered by the Federal Government, do have an impact on our work,” said Kit McMahon, WHISE CEO.

“While there are significant concerns for our economy and community forecast in the budget papers – and these will directly impact women and their families – we know that advancing gender equality on women’s economy equality, ending violence against women and improving women’s health and wellbeing will create community-wide resilience.”

“The return of a stronger women’s statement in the budget papers is a welcome sign of this government’s commitment to gender equality and the role that policy has on addressing the barriers, systems and structures that prevent equality in our community,” said McMahon.

“We are also delighted to see the introduction federally of gender-based budgeting and are pleased that this budget appears to have already sought to apply this process across the measures in relation to Jobs and Skills proposals. From our work to help implement the Gender Equality Act in Victoria, we value the Federal Government’s use of Gender Impact Assessments as a key way of improving decision making in public policy.”

“We appreciate the investment of 3.1 million for this significant policy work in 2022-2023 for the Office for Women. This is a welcome investment which, from our experience, will be critical to the start of this important work. Sustaining this reform is vital to make sure that the vision of the Federal Government, as described in the Women’s Statement, is achieved.

“From our experience, more investment will need to come in the years ahead to ensure that the capacity and capability building throughout the Federal Government, APS and the connected agencies and entities to ensure gender equality is achieved”.

“We also welcome the strengthened focus on women’s safety at home and in the workplace.  The funding of recommendations for Respect@Work is welcome however, we do share the concerns of our colleagues that the government’s contribution to stop violence against women and their children is not commensurate with the reality and prevalence of this insidious problem.”

Ms Mahon went on to say, “On investment in our highly feminised care industries, we agree with colleagues that this is welcome, but urgent action needs to be taken to address the skills crisis facing these sectors. Action needs to be systemic and structural and needs to address the underlying drivers of gender inequality that impact the workers in these industries – their pay, their safety, the respect that they receive and, the discrimination that they face.”

“As the leading organisation on gender equality and women’s health in the Southern Metropolitan Region of Melbourne, WHISE looks forward to partnering with the Federal Government to realise its vision for women in this budget, and to maximise the impact of the measures announced.”

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