16 Days Social Media Toolkit

Social media is a great way to connect, advocate and spread the word. WHISE has compiled a social media toolkit for people looking to participate in 16 Days of Activism. The aim of this toolkit is to assist individuals and organisations to promote consistent messaging about the campaign as well as challenging disrespect towards women and how it links to gender-based violence.

The toolkit includes 16 downloadable images and bystander tips that can be shared across the 16 days. Links to video clips, relevant websites and resources have also been included to strengthen the messages.

IMPORTANT: Before intervening, observe the situation - assess what is best to do, only act if safe to do so.

Download Tip#1 Start a conversation

Talk to your peers, family and colleagues about what they might do. Even small actions make a difference. Watch this video to understand why it’s important to act: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ateMHtxXgbQ&feature=youtu.be #RespectStartsWithMe #Callitout #16days

Download Tip#2 Don't blame the victim

Being on the receiving end of harassment, discrimination or sexism is never OK. Call out the person choosing to be disrespectful. Here are some helpful tools to recognise disrespectful and sexist behaviour:
#RespectStartsWithMe #Callitout #16days

Download Tip#3 Divert attention

Saying nothing says something, so if you feel uncomfortable with 'locker room' talk, all you have to do is say something like "Let's not go there...did you catch the game last night?"
#RespectStartsWithMe #Callitout #16days

Download Tip#4 Support the victim

Check if the victim is OK. This action empowers and supports the victim and sends a message to the offender that the behaviour is unacceptable. Watch to understand why this is so important:
#RespectStartsWithMe #Callitout #16days

Download Tip#5 Focus on the behaviour

Don’t suggest someone is being sexist, racist or homophobic but instead only point out the behaviour that is not OK.


#RespectStartsWithMe #Callitout #16days

Download Tip#6 Appeal to people's better instincts

If you hear something that’s unacceptable to you, you could say "I know you’re a respectful person, so I’m surprised to hear you say that."
#RespectStartsWithMe #Callitout #16days

Download Tip#7 Ask questions

Statements can lead to resistance. Questions can lead to discussion. "Why do you think it’s funny to call her that?"
#RespectStartsWithMe #Callitout #16days

Download Tip#8 Use body language

Sometimes actions speak louder than words. Get up, walk away or show your disapproval through body language or facial expressions. For more information on using body language:
#RespectStartsWithMe #Callitout #16days

Download Tip#9 Explain the impact

You can assume that people have good intentions, but you can explain how their behaviour can have a huge impact. "I know you’re just having fun but that can be offensive to some people (including me)." Check out this video:
#RespectStartsWithMe #Callitout

Download Tip#10 Support someone who has called out disrespect

The more social support we give each other the more we can drive change together.
#RespectStartsWithMe #Callitout #16days

Download Tip#11 Follow up after an incident

You could open with "Can we please chat about the comment you made earlier?" Check out this bystander action toolkit to support equality and respect in the workplace
#RespectStartsWithMe #Callitout #16days

Download Tip#12 Think about your own commitment

What is acceptable to you and those you love?


#RespectStartsWithMe #Callitout #16days

Download Tip#13 Seek support from peers

If you’re part of a group chat and a sexist joke comes up, you could ask "Is anyone else uncomfortable with that joke?" Watch: https://bit.ly/2KzAz9A
#RespectStartsWithMe #Callitout #16days

Download Tip#14 Take action online

Call out disrespectful comments and photos. Maybe it's not your concern, but you do have a choice to make. Check out this video from @GenderEquityVic as part of the Online Active Bystander Project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWB-8FrTNQE&feature=youtu.be
#RespectStartsWithMe #Callitout #16days

Download Tip#15 Encourage other to take action

Remind them that silence is part of the problem and why it's important to do something:
#RespectStartsWithMe #Callitout #16days

Download Tip#16 Go beyond 16 days

Look out for opportunities to learn and get involved. Why is bystander action so important? Read here for more info:
#RespectStartsWithMe #Callitout #16days

If you or someone you know is impacted by sexual assault, domestic or family violence, call 1800 RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit 1800RESPECT.org.au. In an emergency, call 000. For more information about a service in your state or local area download the DAISY App in the App Store or Google Play.