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Administration and Business Support Officer

This role makes a vital contribution to the smooth operations of WHISE and its projects. Those that are successful in this role will: 

  • Deliver high level administrative services to support the smooth running of WHISE Business operations
  • Lead all administrative functions as they relate to the administration and business needs of WHISE including correspondence, meeting preparation for WHISE Board and project committees and WHISE events
  • Support the delivery of WHISE publications and promotional material including social media, annual report, research reports, newsletters, information booklets, email bulletins, brochures and banners and liaise with external suppliers such as subject matter experts, designers, printers and agencies.

Position Description [PDF: 242 KB]



Please note that WHISE is a women’s organisation and has an equal opportunity employment exemption. (EEO Exemption H100/2014). This means that we have been granted an exemption to promote equal opportunity to women and is seen as a positive step to help women.

You can also become a member of WHISE. Its free and shows your commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of all women in the Southern Metropolitan Region of Melbourne. Further information can be found on our membership page.