The State of Women’s Health & Wellbeing in the Southern Metropolitan Region

Key Statistics for the Southern Metropolitan Region Mental Health – anxiety and self-harm Access to SRH Services Unpaid Care Family Violence Rates Mental Health – anxiety and self-harm  Percent of residents who have mental health conditions by gender – 2021 Census  Casey, Cardinia, Dandenong  Females – between 7.7% and 12.6%  Males – between 5.3% and…


Victorian Women’s Health Services Join the Call to Address the Crisis in Women’s Mental Health and Wellbeing.

WHISE has joined with all Women’s Health Services (WHS) across Victoria to support the ’Her Mental Health’ Campaign from the HER Centre, for a specific approach to women’s mental health, and the funding of more services, research, treatments and education of women’s specific mental health needs. The mental health of women and girls is influenced…