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Submission to the Senate Inquiry into the issues relating to menopause and perimenopause

The resource is a submission to the Senate Inquiry on the issues related to perimenopause and menopause, applying an intersectional feminist framework to the Terms of Reference. WHISE's submission to the Senate Standing Committee on...
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Evaluation of the Gender and Mental Health Literacy Pilot Workshop

In early October, the WHISE Gender and Mental Wellbeing portfolio hosted its first-ever in-person event, a pilot workshop placing a gender lens over mental health literacy. This initiative brought together professionals from various fields, including...

Evaluation of Biological Sex, Gender and Mental Wellbeing Forum for Frontline Workers

WHISE hosted a free forum on biological sex, gender, and mental wellbeing, designed specifically for front-line workers. In collaboration with the HER Centre Australia, this event explored the biological and gender determinants of women’s mental...

Gender & Mental Wellbeing: Year 1 & 2 Action Plan

WHISE's Gender and Mental Wellbeing Action Plan guides future directions to promote a gender transformative approach to mental wellbeing throughout the Southern Metropolitan Region

Better Together – WHISE Conference Evaluation Report

The inaugural Better Together Conference was hosted by Women’s Health in the South East on Tuesday, 22 August, 2023. The conference brought together over 180 people from local councils, state government, peak organisations, tourism agencies,...

Evaluation Snapshot Biological Sex, Gender and Mental Wellbeing Forum

WHISE hosted a free forum on biological sex, gender, and mental wellbeing. It was designed specifically for those who sit in roles in health promotion, health planning, programming, and policy. In collaboration with the HER...

Priorities for the Victorian State Budget

The Victorian Women's Health Services Network has issued a statement outlining the priorities for the upcoming 2023 State Budget. We welcome the government's commitment to giving women's health a greater focus and funding, and look...

Promoting Respect & Equity Together 2021-2025 – A Strategy to End Gendered Violence in the Southern Metropolitan Region

Promoting Respect & Equity Together – A Strategy to End Gendered Violence in the Southern Metropolitan Region 2021-2025 (PRET) is the second regional strategy for the primary prevention of gendered violence. It was developed in partnership with over 38 organisation’s across the Southern...

Impacts of COVID 19 on women’s mental health and recommendations for action – UPDATE October 2020

An update from the Women’s Mental Health Alliance on the impacts of COVID19 on women’s mental health, incorporating data gathered since the publication of their first policy brief in June 2020.