Annual reports

WHISE is an Incorporated Association in the State of Victoria (A0026387C) and a registered Charity with the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission. 
Our constitution was updated and approved by members at the AGM on the 25th of October 2019 and can be downloaded here 

Social Impact Report

Our Social impact reports describe how WHISE is delivering outcomes and impact to all women in the Southern Metropolitan Region. The report describes effort against our WHISE Social impact framework and, is released every year with our Annual Report.

WHISE Social Impact Report 2018-2019 [PDF: 902KB]

Annual Reports


Annual Report 2019-2020 [PDF: 4.13MB]

Social Impact Statements 2019-2020

Healthy Families Healthy Relationships [PDF: 1.1MB]

Courage to Change Gender Equity and Active Bystander Project [PDF: 845KB]

Healthy and Respectful Families [PDF: 868KB]

PVAW and GE Toolkit [PDF: 788KB]

Lets Talk About Good Health Down South Webinar [PDF: 721KB]

Superheroes of SRH Campaign [PDF: 878KB]

Healthy Masculinities Communities of Practice [PDF: 706KB]

Healthy Masculinities Webinar [PDF: 717KB]

Intersectionality & Diverse Communities CoP [PDF: 973KB]

Intersectionality & Diverse Communities Webinar [PDF: 745KB]

Family Violence Referral Training for COVID-19 [PDF: 1.1MB]

Stand Up for Equality and Respect [PDF: 1.1MB]





WHISE Annual Report 2016-2017 [PDF: 3.7MB]

WHISE Annual Report 2015-16 [PDF: 2.8MB

Annual Report 2015 [PDF: 11.98MB]

Annual Report 2014 [PDF: 7.93MB]

Annual Report 2013 [PDF: 3.34MB]

Annual Report 2012 [PDF: 1.89MB]

Annual Report 2011 [PDF: 1.41MB]

Annual Report 2010 [PDF: 2.82MB]

Annual Report 2009 [PDF: 237KB]

Annual Report 2008 [PDF: 576KB]

Annual Report 2007 [PDF: 766KB]

Annual Report 2006 [PDF: 2.12MB]